Rehearsals are held in Mackie Academy, Stonehaven each Monday between August and June at 7.30pm. 

Prospective members [who must contact the secretary in advance of attending due to Covid-19 restrictions] are invited to join us for a few rehearsals at the start of a session to see how we work. We do not require a formal audition. Sight reading ability is useful, but not essential. If you enjoy your trial and are invited to join, a waiting list may be in operation for certain sections.

Please keep your repertoire folder safe. The cost of replacement is considerable. It is recommended that you use a separate folder to carry items to and from rehearsal. The concert folder, with green or red frontispiece, should be used for performance only.


Dates for your diary -

Weekly Rehearsals [From Monday 22nd August 2022]  
Mondays in Hall or Room G20, Mackie Academy from 7.30pm to 9.30pm

More information is available in the "RETURNING TO REHEARSALS - GUIDELINES FOR MEMBERS" document sent to members. 

Dates for your Diary 2022:

  • Friday 23rd September - AIDA Caird Hall, Dundee

                                                                           Practice Help!

There are a number of sites on the internet that can help you learn you part. Cyberbass ( allows you to hear piano arrangements of many choral works with your part emphasised. You can slow down the playback and repeat as often as you require. All of the Bach B Minor mass is on the Cyberbass site. Choraline ( offers a similar service, but charges for CDs or MP3 files. 

The Silvis Woodshed is another site with a large collection of music files (, and with JohnF’s rehearsal files ( is a site that is building a large collection of works.

Concert Dress

The ladies of the chorus wear black. This may be dresses, full length skirts or trousers and tops should have long or three-quarter length sleeves. Alternatively, on a few occasions a white blouse is worn under the Chorus waistcoat. Waistcoats are provided by the Chorus for a small deposit. Ladies are occasionally provided with a matching accessory to add to their costume.

The men of the choir wear black trousers and jacket, with a white shirt and Chorus bow-tie. The bow-tie is provided by the Chorus. On a few occasions they will wear black trousers and a black shirt with no tie.


Ours is an expensive hobby. Hiring rehearsal space, sheet music, and paying for professional direction, soloists and accompanists all accounts for a considerable amount of expenditure.  Therefore, each year we raise several hundreds of pounds through various events. These include the sale of juice, second hand books and CDs, plants etc at rehearsal. We also hold sales, coffee mornings, provide carol singing and administer other events in Stonehaven.

If you have ideas for future fundraising events please contact Treasurer.

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